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The Championships - Wimbledon 2010: Day Eight

One of the most popular tennis stars despite retiring; Anna Kournikova is likely the most recognizable female tennis star in the world. Using her wealth and fame, Kournikova has spent much time and given much money to the community and to the needy.

Since her retirement in 2003, Kournikova has played in numerous charity matches. In 2004, she played in three separate charity matches organized by Elton John, Andy Roddick, and Serena Williams. After the Indian Ocean tsunami in 2005, Kournikova participated in a double charity event to raise money for the cause. Also in 2005, she joined a charity match final, where she teamed up with Martina Hingis.

Along with helping in tennis events for charity, Kournikova has also participated in other types of charity programs. She participated in the 2008 Nautica Malibu Triathlon, which aimed to help provide funds for the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. This hospital offers free medical services to seriously ill children from top US doctors.






Known as one of the top 3 point shooter in NBA history, Ray Allen will forever be remembered for his sweet stroke and clutch 3 point shots. Along with his success on the field, Allen has done a lot off the field to help underprivileged communities.

He founded the Ray Allen’s Ray of Hope Foundation in 1997 to help with community projects related to sports, and to provide youth with the a sense of hope that they can meet their full potential. His foundation has raised over $500,000 since it was first founded. A few notable organizations Ray’s foundation works with include the Make-a-wish Foundation, UNICEF, and YMCA. Ray’s great work has impacted the lives of thousands of youth and adults.

Along with raising money through donations, the foundation also has 3 annual events that further its cause. The Ray Allen Golf Tournament is a charity tournament that offers various events such as auctions that help raise money. During Thanksgiving, the ROHF Thanksgiving Event gives 275 underprivileged families an opportunity to have a full Thanksgiving meal. Lastly at Christmas Time, Ray’s foundation sets up a Holiday Giving tree in a mall, where shoppers will help meet an underprivileged kids wish in return for a Ray Allen autograph.

He Got Game! Ray Allen plays Denzel Washington one on one.



The national figure skating hero of South Korea. Kim Yuna rose into heroic status after winning Gold in figure skating at the 2010 Winter Olympics. Her success on the ice has helped her off the ice, as it has given her more resources and opportunities to give back to the needy.

Yuna has often given away her prize money to the underprivileged. From 2007-2013 she has donated nearly 2 billion won to charitable causes (close to $2 million). Often, she even donates all of her winnings from a certain event towards charity. Just recently in April, she donated all her prize money from the 2013 World Championships to UNICEF, with the aim towards helping disabled children.

Along with donating money, Yuna is also a goodwill ambassador for the United Nations. She has played an active role in this position, making many appearances for UNICEF. For the Haiti Earthquake, she appeared in videos and events asking for donations towards rebuilding Haiti. Recently, she has appeared in UNICEF campaigns asking for funds to help children in Syria.



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