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Description: Using soccer to change the lives of girls. Girls Kick it, located it Gulu town and the Paicho Internally Displaced Persons Camp, provides local females with different activities including matches, team building and leadership exercises, and soccer practice. The organization hopes that each girl will gain “confidence, teamwork and the belief that they have control of their futures.” Along with developing characteristics, the players learn about HIV/AIDS, health and nutrition, raising children and peace-building.

Its Aim: A soccer program empowering young women of post-conflict areas in Northern Uganda.

Girls Kick it and Homeless World Cup: The Girls Kick it foundation organized mixed gender teams for the Homeless World Cup in 2006 and 2007, and brought a full-female team in 2008, 2010, and 2011. The team represented Uganda, and were able to show off their talent and skills both on and off the field.

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Description: Supporting girls through boxing. Boxgirls International believes that through boxing programs, significant social changes can be made in cities. It also understands that boxing programs and leadership programs can change the lives of their participants. The organization believes in making a difference both on and off the ring, and sees that when their participants are off the ring, they are “more confident, can concentrate on their goals and have trust in themselves to reach them. “

Its History: in 2005, Boxgirls was an initiative started in Berlin, Germany by Heather Cameron and some volunteers.

Its Motto: Strong girls. Strong communities.

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Description: Practicing Judo to promote human development and social inclusion. Instituto Reacao, located in the favelas of Rio de Jinero, believes that Judo can help youth gain “self-esteem, determination, and self-confidence”. It also hopes that practicing Judo can help kids learn “discipline and the value of life”, which would allow them to make the right decision and to avoid the pressures offered by the community’s favelas.

How it started: Started in 2003, Instituto Reacao was founded Olympic Judo Bronze Medalist by Flávio Cano

Its Aim: Instituto Reacao aims to promote human development through sport and educational activities.

Its Success: Currently, Instituto Reacao helps close to a thousand youth between the age of 4-24.

Its Philosophy: The philosophy of Instituto Reacao is that sports is useful for human development in that it inspire children’s “cognitive, productive, social and personal dimensions”. It uses judo specifically, as it revolves around educational principals such as “discipline, respect, and non-violence”.

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