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Description: Education with Sports. Colombianitos uses this combination to inspire Colombian kids to attend school and play sports. To achieve the pleasures of playing sports, participants must meet a minimum academic requirement set by the organization. Through these athletic activities, Colombianitos seeks to instill in kids life-long values such as respect, positive attitudes, honesty, friendship, and fair play.


How it began: Started in 2001, a group of Columbians in Atlanta, Georgia (USA) feared about the future of kids back in Columbia. The kids are both the future of the country, and the most vulnerable to negative influences. Thus, the group started Colombianitos to prepare children to positively impact Colombian society in the future. To achieve this, the group combined education and sports to help children learn life long social skills.


Its Success: Up to date, this group has directly helped 3,474 children (15,000 indirectly affected). It sent a team to compete in the “Football for Hope” festival in 2010 (Africa).


Latest Information: Colombianitos is currently helping 7 impoverished and warfare-ridden communities.


If you are interested and want to know more, visit: http://www.colombianitos.org/

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Copyright © Back On My Feet

Description: Running to create a new road. Back on my Feet uses running to help homeless people alter their perception on life. The goal is change that results in employment and self-sustainability. The organization sees valuable lessons running can offer. One is not being able to cheat yourself. A runner cannot reach the 10th mile, unless he or she has finished the first 9. Furthermore, the hard work and dedication instilled in the 3 times a week practices help members improve their discipline, dedication, and self esteem.

How it began: A daily jog on a chilly May morning. Anne Mahlum, the founder of Back on My Feet, passed by several men dwelling outside the Sunday Breakfast Rescue Mission. For years, Mahlum had found how running helped her discover her own identity and what she loved.  Now, she wanted to show the rewards of running to these men. After calling the Mission and setting up a running online casino club there, she offered equipment to anyone interested in joining. The only requirement was a “Dedication contract”. From that day on, the organization has grown to help many others who were like the 9 initial members living at the Sunday Breakfast Rescue Mission.

Its Success: 46% of the members in the program have moved on to either find employment, housing, or both.

Its Statistics:

  • 608 found housing
  • 894 got a job
  • 388 are residential members
  • 82% are proud of their physical health
  • 78% believe they will get a job
  • 94% have hope for the future


If you are interested and want to know more, visit: http://www.backonmyfeet.org/

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Copyright © The Kids League

Description: Sports to prepare children with skills to become global citizens. The Kids League, located in Uganda, uses the power of sports to help disadvantaged children develop positive attitudes and behaviors. It has helped bridge insurmountable differences through sports. It has also helped promote the importance of including girls, opportunities for youth with disabilities, receiving and education, and linking people with the global community.


How it Began: It began as a sports league. In 1998, The Kids League, which was named the Kampala Kids League in Kampal back then, was formed to let children from all corners of Kampala, Uganda play sports. In 2004, The Kampala Kids League changed its name to The Kids League, and started promoting education, health, and interpersonal skills to both boys and girls through sports.


Its Success: The Kids League has held the most number of Youth World Cups, and also has won 21 international trophies.


Latest Information: Currently, there are 10 camps throughout Uganda that are based of The Kids League


If you are interested and want to know more, visit: http://www.thekidsleague.org/

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