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Description: Sports to make a difference in peoples lives. Sport Matters is dedicated to using the power of sport as a tool for changing the lives of people in Australia, the Pacific, Asia and Africa. To achieve its goals, Sport Matters mixes sports with social outcomes. Goals targeted by Sport Matters include health, education, economic development, disaster, peace and the environment. Depending on the situation, Sport Matters will tailor its aims to the needs of the community.


How it began: It stared with helping people with disabilities in Alice Springs, Australia. Two women, Jackie Lauff and Liesl Tesch, both mentioned this idea at work. Seeing their common interest, together they sourced 12 new basketball wheelchairs and delivered a series of coaching, refereeing and disability awareness workshops in Alice Springs. This was the first project coordinated by the two co-founders of Sport Matters.


If you are interested and want to know more, visit: http://www.sportmatters.org.au/

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Description: Basketball to support youth development! Hoops 4 Hope uses basketball as a vehicle for education. It believes that opportunities to play sports are catalysts for social and personal change. Furthermore, the benefits young people receive from H4H reach well beyond the playing field. H4H empowers children to become productive adults, engage in healthy lifestyles, manage life’s challenges, and become leaders within their communities and the world.


Its Success: Hoops 4 Hope has freely provided more than 10,000 school-age boys and girls every year with its high quality organized Basketball and Soccer Programs. It also partners with more than 150 schools, children’s shelters, and community groups in Zimbabwe and South Africa to encourage more children to get off the streets and participate.


Its partnership with the NBA: Hoops 4 Hope has partnered with NBA in Basketball Without Borders since 2006. Each year the NBA selects 60 top African players to participate in the Basketball without Borders camp in Africa. At the program, the players learn about HIV, and leadership.


If you are interested and want to know more, visit: http://www.hoopsafrica.org/

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Description: There are 7,000 children living on the streets of Rwanda and 100,000 orphans in lead households.  Sports provide a vehicle to teach children life lessons and reintegrate them into society. Play For Hope wants to impact as many of these vulnerable youth as possible in an individualized matter that helps each child reach his or her full potential.  The organization is dedicated to creating a child-sponsoring program to give rehabilitated street children the opportunity to go to school or receive vocational training. It desires to provide homes for children in its sports program casino online so that they no longer have to live on the streets.


Its success: Currently, Play For Hope has placed 850 boys and girls in basketball and soccer teams. Its 60 clinics in Rwanda and Burundi have taught around 9,000 children sports skills:


Its beliefs: Play For Hope strongly believes that every child has the right to play regardless of religion or gender, tribe or nationality. (this belief is in accordance with the Nicene Creed)


If you are interested and want to know more, visit: http://playforhope.org/


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