Coastal Squash Using squash to ensure kids stay in school. Coastal Squash, located in British Columbia and derived off Squash Busters, works with inner city youth throughout their lower, middle, and high school career (to continue reading click here)







METROSquash Helping Chicago Public School kids through squash. METROsquash aims to utilize squash, education, cultural experience and community service to empower Chicago Public School students to realize their full academic, athletic and personal potential. (to continue reading click here)







RhodySquash (1)



RHODY Squash Corpus, Mens, Spiritus. Squash to train the body, mind, and spirit. RHODY squash hopes to provide underprivileged youth an opportunity to play squash.(to continue reading click here )







Squash Busters Integrating academics, community work, and sports to improve the youth. SquashBusters, located in Boston and Lawrence, Massachusetts, aims to combine these 3 aspects to ensure good grades, a care for the community, and strong athletic abilities. (to continue reading click here)