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Description: Solibad’s philosophy is to work with the badminton community to help collect funds that sponsor badminton projects involving children all over the world. The organization prefers small-scale porjects either initiated by local citizens, or by their organization. The project is supported and promoted by badminton ambassadors, who are all renowned badminton players in the world. The organization’s ambassadors have successfully launched several projects in France, Indonesia, and Malaysia where badminton is a popular game and stars are national heroes. They help fund orphanages, school programs, and badminton programs. The organization’s latest project was in France, where they used badminton to break the barrier of communication between disabled and non-disabled people

How it Started: Solibad was formed in 2009 by Frenchmen, Monsieur Raphaël Sachetat, who started this organization to fulfill his two greatest passions: badminton and community work .

If you are interested and want to know more, please visit http://www.solibad.net/

Matthew Yung




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Description: Using baseball to bring communities together. Roberto’s Kids, founded in memory of the late Roberto Clemente, uses baseball to instill in kids the vital skills needed to be part of a community. The player must recognize and accept the consequences of the actions and decisions he undertakes (Character, Leadership, Integrity).  He must hold a caring attitude towards himself and others (Respect and Responsibility). He learns a strong sense of control and competence, and learns to recognize and accept individuality and cultural diversity (Sportsmanship). Furthermore, during the season, the players must give back to the community. His team participates in social and community activities designed to help him and his fellow teammates develop leadership, a sense of community, and social skills.

Mission: Roberto’s Kids aim to bridges the gap between different cultures through baseball

If you are interested and want to know more, please visit http://www.robertos-kids.org/

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Copyright © Washington Tennis & Education Foundation

Description: Building champions through tennis and education. The Washington Tennis & Education Foundation helps disadvantaged youth through tennis. It aims to have its participants use lessons they learn on the court in the classroom and in everyday life. By providing lessons after school and in the summer, the organization hopes to keep children away from street life. The foundation provides its players with a safe environment where they can participate in productive activities that teach discipline, build confidence, improve school performance, and encourage a healthy lifestyle.

Its Mission: The mission of Washington Tennis & Education Foundation is to improve the life prospects of low-income, underprivileged children and youth in the District of Columbia through athletic and academic enrichment

Its Goals:

(1) To keep children off city streets and engaged in productive activities that instill self-pride and discipline;
(2) To provide opportunities for children to improve their academic performance and help them make choices that enrich rather than endanger their lives; and
(3) To provide opportunities for at-risk children to go to college and obtain academic and athletic scholarships. For those not college bound, WTEF helps them join the work force and make constructive life choices.

(Information courtesy of Washington Tennis & Education Foundation)

If you are interested and want to know more, visit http://www.wtef.org/

Letitia Ho

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