Play For Life Sports to build peace! Play for Life International uses sports to inspire and empower marginalized youth. (to continue reading click here)








Soles4Souls Giving the impoverished shoes and clothes. Soles4Souls aims to combat the devastating impact of poverty by giving shoes and clothes to those individuals (to continue reading click here)








Sport Matters Sports to make a difference in people’s lives. Sport Matters is dedicated to using the power of sport as a tool for changing the lives of people in Australia, the Pacific, Asia and Africa. (to continue reading click here)









Sports For Social Change Network Sports as a catalyst for personal development. Sports For Social Change Network uses sports as a tool to connect with both individuals and communities.








United Through Sports Helping disadvantaged communities reach their full athletic potential. United Through Sport, based in the United Kingdom, use sports s a tool to develop the disadvantaged and vulnerable youth. (to continue reading click here)