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Description: Building champions through tennis and education. The Washington Tennis & Education Foundation helps disadvantaged youth through tennis. It aims to have its participants use lessons they learn on the court in the classroom and in everyday life. By providing lessons after school and in the summer, the organization hopes to keep children away from street life. The foundation provides its players with a safe environment where they can participate in productive activities that teach discipline, build confidence, improve school performance, and encourage a healthy lifestyle.

Its Mission: The mission of Washington Tennis & Education Foundation is to improve the life prospects of low-income, underprivileged children and youth in the District of Columbia through athletic and academic enrichment

Its Goals:

(1) To keep children off city streets and engaged in productive activities that instill self-pride and discipline;
(2) To provide opportunities for children to improve their academic performance and help them make choices that enrich rather than endanger their lives; and
(3) To provide opportunities for at-risk children to go to college and obtain academic and athletic scholarships. For those not college bound, WTEF helps them join the work force and make constructive life choices.

(Information courtesy of Washington Tennis & Education Foundation)

If you are interested and want to know more, visit http://www.wtef.org/

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Copyright © Pacific Association Women Martial Artists

Description: Uniting and empowering women and girls through martial arts. The Pacific Association Women Martial Artists hopes to increase women participation in martial arts and to provide its female participants with public education, role models, recognition of excellence, and opportunities to train and share ideas with an extended network of outstanding martial artists.


Short version

Uniting and empowering a diverse community of women and girls in the martial arts.

Long version

  • Brings together female martial artists of diverse styles, skills, ages, and cultures to train together and learn from each other in events throughout the Pacific region.
  • Promotes among female martial artists an environment of respect, appreciation, and learning of the variety of martial arts styles and skills.
  • Fosters friendship, connection, and peaceable coexistence in our lives and in our communities.
  • Mentors young martial artists and new martial arts teachers and school owners while recognizing and honoring our elders.


Vision: The Pacific Association Women Martial Artists inspires, informs, recharges and energizes, connects, validates, and supports female martial artists of all ages, cultures, and abilities

(Information courtesy of The Pacific Association Women Martial Artists)


If you are interested and want to know more, visit http://www.pawma.org/

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Copyright © 88 Bikes

Description: Endowing girls around the world – especially survivors of human trafficking- with bikes. 88 Bikes works together with local NGOs to purchase bicycles from local vendors, hire local labor and connect each survivor one-to-one with her donor. Through this endowment process, the highlight is the Moment of Happy (the moment when the girl living in an ashram or shelter receives her bike). Volunteers of the organization are very involved as they often lead bike rides, organize repair clinics, and even help paint murals.

How it Started: 88 Bikes was founded in 2006 by a few friends: Dan Austin, Nicolas Arauz, and Jared Austin

How it has developed: After founding 88 Bikes in 2006, the organization’s first project was a partnership with Friends of Cambodian Children to raise funds for 88 bikes. The project was a huge success. It exceeded its fundraising goals in 2 weeks and gave 88 bikes to 88 kids in Cambodia during January of 2007. After that, its next project targeted refugees in Uganda. By January 2008, 88 Bikes was able to work with Global Youth Partnership for Africa and donate 200 bikes to children at a refugee camp in Northern Uganda. Since then, 88 Bikes has expanded its endowment locations to include Peru, Vietnam, Nepal, India, Ghana, Mongolia and Tanzania. In 2011, 88 bikes evolved its mission to focus on girls, especially those who have survived human trafficking.

Its impact: Since starting in 2006, 88 Bikes has endowed over 3,000 bikes to children in 14 different countries.

If you are interested and want to know more, visit http://www.88bikes.org/

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