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Description: Using baseball to bring communities together. Roberto’s Kids, founded in memory of the late Roberto Clemente, uses baseball to instill in kids the vital skills needed to be part of a community. The player must recognize and accept the consequences of the actions and decisions he undertakes (Character, Leadership, Integrity).  He must hold a caring attitude towards himself and others (Respect and Responsibility). He learns a strong sense of control and competence, and learns to recognize and accept individuality and cultural diversity (Sportsmanship). Furthermore, during the season, the players must give back to the community. His team participates in social and community activities designed to help him and his fellow teammates develop leadership, a sense of community, and social skills.

Mission: Roberto’s Kids aim to bridges the gap between different cultures through baseball

If you are interested and want to know more, please visit http://www.robertos-kids.org/

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Description: Promoting academic achievement and positive life attitude through tennis. The MaliVai Washington Kids, located in Jacksonville, Florida, USA, engages kids with fun tennis programs and correlates what they learn on the court with succeeding in life. The program aims to foster within its participants attributes of leadership, sportsmanship, self-esteem, confidence, discipline, accountability and the values of hard work, teamwork and individual effort.

Its Mission: The mission of the MaliVai Washington Kids Foundation is to develop champions in classrooms, on tennis courts and throughout communities.

Its Programs: The MaliVai Washington Kids Foundation launched its most successful program Tennis-tutoring in 2000. The program is based after school and offers its youth participants free homework assistance, tennis lessons, and life lessons. Today, nearly 150 youth a year benefit from this program.

(Information courtesy of MaliVai Washington Kids Foundation)

If you are interested and want to know more, visit http://www.malwashington.com/

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Description: Bikes For Tykes aims to ensure that every child in America has access to a bicycle. It believes that this mission will empower children, fight against child obesity, and help the environment in the United States. The organization believes that a bicycle empowers a child by giving them their first taste of true independence, self-reliance, self-esteem, and helping build the foundation of a healthy lifestyle. The bicycle helps battle obesity as statistics show how bicycling for transportation reduces mortality by 35-40% and how as the number of US children aged 6-11 walking and biking to school has decreased, the percentage of obese US children (6-11) has increased. Lastly, riding a bike to travel eliminates the pollution one causes when taking a car or riding a bus.

How it Started: It began around Christmas time in 1987. an organization wanted to give a bike as a Christmas gift to the underprivileged kids in Naples, Florida. The foundation believed that a bike is the most impacting gift a kid ever receives in his or her childhood. Since that Christmas season, Bikes For Tykes has grown to give bikes to underprivileged youth throughout America.

Its Impact: More than 18,000 American kids have received a bike since the program started in 1987

If you are interested and want to know more, visit http://www.bikesfortykes.org/

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