About Yungpost

Hi! I am Matthew Yung, founder of Yungpost. Sports are my passion: soccer, baseball, and football. Running, kicking balls, swinging bats, and shooting loops all give me the rush. Volunteering at Homeless Football this summer gave me the opportunity to witness firsthand how much sports can help people afflicted with the worst addictions transform themselves wholesale.  The many exemplary individuals I’d the honor to meet at Homeless Football inspire me to create an online platform to get more people involved in using sports to help transform those who need a bit of help from us.

Our Story

It all started when I volunteered this summer at Homeless Football HK because of my greatest passion, soccer. That’s initially at least. For me, combing community service with ball playing was a no-brainer. However, the whole exercise ended up not so much I having lots of fun kicking balls but me being kicked out of my callousness by something else bigger and more powerful.

My change agent took the form of a charity soccer match. When I saw how a homeless vagabond can best a business tycoon, a former drug addict can out run a local senator with the audience cheering both sides on without any consideration of ranks and standings, I was truly moved.  It suddenly dawned on me that a simple game of soccer can be the greatest equalizer,  energizer and unifier. It provides the homeless, the dispossessed, and the disenfranchised a sense of purpose and pride, and all of us a sense of community and shared destiny. I want to share with everyone these special moments of mine and I want you to help create such moments for others in your parts of the world. I also want everyone to learn from everyone else the experience of organizing sporting events for the down-and-outs in our community.


Matthew Yung


Born and raised in Hong Kong and currently attending Dartmouth College in the United States, Matthew is a sports aficionados, go player and international affair enthusiast who embraces both Chinese and American cultures. He loves playing sports as much as reading the newspaper. Besides architecting YungPost’s website, creating content, brainstorming strategies, he also conducts interviews and speaks on behalf of YungPost. Matthew can be contacted via Email.

Email: matthewyung14@gmail.com


Letitia Ho



Letitia Ho is a 16 year old student from Hong Kong and is currently attending the Chinese International School.  On YungPost, Letitia is in charge of editing articles, designing the website, and blogging about her experience. Letitia can be contacted via Email.

Email: letith@student.cis.edu.hk



Gerard Ngai



Gerard Ngai is a recent graduate from HKU majoring in Economics and Finance. He grew up in Vancouver, Canada before returning to Hong Kong. For YungPost, Gerard is in charge of communicating with the press and media, and planning how our readers can get involved with the cause. Gerard can be contacted via Email.

Email: raxus852@gmail.com


Andrew Homeming

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Andrew grew up in Hong Kong and is currently studying Commerce at The University of New South Wales in Australia. For YungPost, Andrew focuses mainly on writing articles and blogs. Andrew can be contacted via Email.

Email: andrewhomeming@yahoo.com



Derek Cheng 



Derek grew up in Palo Alto, and will be attending the University of Southern California this fall. For YungPost, Derek focuses mainly on interviewing people, and writing articles. Derek can be contacted via Email.

Email: derekwcheng289@gmail.com



Calvin Cragg


Calvin is an 18-year-old graduate from Rugby School (boarding school located in Warwickshire, United Kingdom) and has been offered a place at Bristol University to study Economics and Finance. For YungPost, Calvin focuses on writing blogs, interviewing people, and writing articles. Calvin can be contacted via Email.

Email: cragcr@gmail.com


Camilla Grove



Camilla Grove grew up in Washington, DC and New York most of her life. She graduated from Lawrence University in 2013 and is making her way into film–bringing together two of her passions: writing and making films. She creates content for Yungpost as well as advises web traffic and social media.  Camilla can be contacted via Email.

Email : camilla.r.grove@gmail.com


Marcus Lin 



Marcus was born and raised in Hong Kong. He attended Chinese International School in Hong Kong, and will be attending Northfield Mount Hermon this fall. For YungPost, Marcus focuses on the IT side of YungPost. Marucs can be contacted via Email.

Email: marcuslinny@gmail.com



Adam Reuss



Adam was born and raised in Ohio. He attended Ohio University with degrees in Screenwriting and Business.  For Yungpost, Adam is in charge of IT and writing articles on athletes.  He is a big sports fan and is excited to be apart of this team!  Adam can be contacted via Email.

Email: adamreuss@gmail.com