Michael Phelps took his passion for swimming and incorporated it into his foundation that promotes healthy and active lives for children. Michael Phelps used the one million dollars he received from his sponsor Speedo when he won eight gold medals at the 2008 Beijing Olympics. Since then Phelps has been working with Boys & Girls Club as well as developing a swimming program titled “im” with The im program provides The Boys & Girls Club with training, staffing, equipment and more all to make sure they are running smoothly and supporting the children to depend on their services. On top of that the Michael Phelps Foundation im program promotes water-safety programs nationwide through offering water safety classes and other techniques that Phelps has implemented in his own swimming career. All of his charitable programs doesn’t go unnoticed as he was honored with a Humanitarian Award at the 34th annual American Image awards that is sponsored by American Apparel and Footwear association. Check out how you can get involved at .



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