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Description: Practicing Judo to promote human development and social inclusion. Instituto Reacao, located in the favelas of Rio de Jinero, believes that Judo can help youth gain “self-esteem, determination, and self-confidence”. It also hopes that practicing Judo can help kids learn “discipline and the value of life”, which would allow them to make the right decision and to avoid the pressures offered by the community’s favelas.

How it started: Started in 2003, Instituto Reacao was founded Olympic Judo Bronze Medalist by Flávio Cano

Its Aim: Instituto Reacao aims to promote human development through sport and educational activities.

Its Success: Currently, Instituto Reacao helps close to a thousand youth between the age of 4-24.

Its Philosophy: The philosophy of Instituto Reacao is that sports is useful for human development in that it inspire children’s “cognitive, productive, social and personal dimensions”. It uses judo specifically, as it revolves around educational principals such as “discipline, respect, and non-violence”.

If you are interested and want to know more, visit http://www.institutoreacao.org.br/reacaoen.html