If you are like most people, you will recognize Dikembe Mutombo from his incredible shot blocks and the hilarious finger wag.  Off the court, Mutombo’s infamous “No, no, no” becomes “Yes, yes, yes” in terms of charity.  Mutombo came to the NBA from the Democratic Republic of Congo with the goal of returning with help.  The giant Center played all over the NBA, impressing the country as he led the league in blocks year after year.  Ending his career in 2008, he has the second most blocks in the NBA.


In 1997, he founded the Dikembe Mutombo Foundation to improve the community in the DRC.  The foundation works to help spread awareness about health through an emphasis on primary care and disease prevention.  This foundation still succeeds through this day, saving the lives of hundreds of thousands in the war-torn area.  Mutombo shocked the world in 2001 when he donated $15 million to build a hospital in his hometown.  This hospital is the first modern medical facility in 50 years in the Democratic Republic of Congo.


Mutomobo still uses his image all around the world playing basketball and teaching the importance of giving back to those in a time of need.

“When you take the elevator to the top, please don’t forget to send it down, so that someone else can take it to the top.”


Adam Reuss