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Description: The Football industry give back. The Zesh Rehman Foundation, located in the United Kingdom, focuses on using football as a tool for social change. The organization recruits its staff from people within the football industry (coaches, ex-players). It aims to help improve the football skills of the participants, as the foundation wants to provide players with employment in the field of football. The foundation mainly targets Asian communities, as it wants the Asian population to be better represented in football.


How it started: Zesh Rehman, who became the first British South Asian footballer to play in the English Premier League, wanted more Asians to get the same opportunity he received. He launched his foundation in 2004 to achieve this goal. He wanted to help change perceptions and myths surrounding British Asians playing football.


If you are interested and want to know more, visit http://www.zeshrehmanfoundation.org/

Matthew Yung