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Description: Yuwa India aims to help underprivileged youth (especially girls) between the age of 5-17 in Jharkhand, India. The organization uses football, as the aspect of football can help highlight and promote the importance of health, and education. Girls in Jharkhand are specifically targeted, because educated girls in India reinvest 90% of their income on their family and girls in Jharkhand are most susceptible in all of India to child marriages and human trafficking. The Yuwa India’s football approach in unique. All the members, from director to coach, live together in the village where Yuwa India works. Also, the girls are fully in charge of the program. They schedule their own practices, find their own equipment, and each girl must creatively earn her own money to contribute to a pair of football boot.

Its Impact:

  • Soaring growth: From 15 girls in a single hamlet organized by one girl, Yuwa has grown past 200 girls in ten villages practicing daily, with more girls coming every couple of weeks with new team lists.
  • Stunning attendance: Each of the 29 players from Yuwa’s first two teams practiced an average of 248 days during the last 12 months—an average of 21 days a month!
  • Stick-to-it-iveness: Few girls who have joined have left. Instead of becoming bored after a few months, their level of commitment and engagement has only strengthened.


(Information courtesy of Yuwa India)


If you are interested and want to know more, visit http://yuwa-india.org/

Matthew Yung