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YungPost update

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Recently, we have made upgraded many of the features on YungPost as well as added a number of new ones. All these tools are designed to give you a better understanding of our message, and how you can now get involved with our cause. It’s important that you guys can make a difference, as we need everyone’s help to spread our message across the globe.

Get Involved Page:

Our biggest new feature is the Get Involved Page. On the page, you are now able to make a difference and help YungPost and charities that use sports for social change reach the whole globe. Here are the updates:

  • You can know easily find all our charities’s social media links such as Facebook and Twitter. By liking them on Facebook or following them on Twitter, you will be able to get their latest news, photos, and meet others who share the same passion as you do.
  • If you want to make an immediate donation to support your favorite charity, we have now added all the donation links to nearly all of our charities.
  •  We are now accepting stories, videos, or pictures of your experience with charities that use sports for social change. We want you to use our platform to share your amazing experience with everyone around the world. The more people that hear about charities that use sports for social change, the more common it will be.
  • We have listed volunteering opportunities at our various organizations. So if you want to work for a sports for social change charity, just check out the details on the page
  • Students you can now use our toolkit to make a difference at your school. Our guide will give you step by step instructions on how to start a club or start an event. Support from schools will allow us to change kids’ perception about sports and social change, which will result in kids from future generations to be automatically exposed to charities that use sports.


Recently, we have been able to get 2 interviews with individuals in Hong Kong who have worked with charities or organizations that use sports to change lives. Mr. Li Tak Nang gave us insight into the Homeless World Cup organization, which helps marginalized people through the power of football. He talks about the success of the organization, and how he has helped start a local league based on the similar ideas in Hong Kong. Mr. Victor Li talked about his work with the Hong Kong Paralympic Team as a rowing coach. He describes a few success stories and how working as a coach for the disabled changed his life.

Thank you for your continued support of YungPost! We will continue improving on the site, and will keep you guys posted on our progress!

YungPost Staff