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Description: Improving English language skills through surfing instruction. Valpo Surf Project, located in Valparaiso, Chile, aims to use both surfing and academic instruction to improve local participants’ language skills, character development, and consciousness for the environment.

How it started: Giving Back! A few locals living and surfing in Valparasio decided to start a project designed to give back to their community and help the individuals within it. Seeing how the local youth was disconnected with their neighboring ocean, along with their weak English skills, the group decided to combat these problems by starting a new group: Valpo Surf Project


Its Objectives:

  • Utilize surfing as a tool for personal development and character enrichment in local youth through developing discipline, commitment, self-esteem, respect, responsibility, trust, and teamwork by realizing their goal of learning to surf.  These aspects of character development directly relate to leadership skills and fostering participants as future leaders.
  • Develop a familiarity with the beaches, ocean, and coastal territories among the participants through frequent surf trips to the coastline of Chile’s Region V, including the neighboring communities of Con-Con, Quintero, and Horcón.
  • Through greater interaction and responsible use of the coast, develop an ethic of environmental consciousness and stewardship among program participants.
  • Establish this program as a means for its participants to learn and have greater contact and practice with the English language.
  • Utilize the sport of surfing as a tool for promoting a healthy and substance-free lifestyle with attention to physical education.

(Information courtesy of Valpo Surf Project)

If you are interested and want to know more, visit http://www.valposurfproject.com/

Jeremy Lin