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Description: Sports to prepare children with skills to become global citizens. The Kids League, located in Uganda, uses the power of sports to help disadvantaged children develop positive attitudes and behaviors. It has helped bridge insurmountable differences through sports. It has also helped promote the importance of including girls, opportunities for youth with disabilities, receiving and education, and linking people with the global community.


How it Began: It began as a sports league. In 1998, The Kids League, which was named the Kampala Kids League in Kampal back then, was formed to let children from all corners of Kampala, Uganda play sports. In 2004, The Kampala Kids League changed its name to The Kids League, and started promoting education, health, and interpersonal skills to both boys and girls through sports.


Its Success: The Kids League has held the most number of Youth World Cups, and also has won 21 international trophies.


Latest Information: Currently, there are 10 camps throughout Uganda that are based of The Kids League


If you are interested and want to know more, visit: http://www.thekidsleague.org/

Matthew Yung