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Description: Creating champions in blind people. The Blind Judo Foundation uses Judo to give blind and visually impaired people hope. The organization helps train athletes for the Paralympic Games, which gives their participants the feeling of being an Olympian. While preparing its members for the Paralympics, the foundation also hopes to instill the martial art discipline in all its athletes. It believes that the trained discipline will help transform the lives of their participants.


1. Promote the sport of Judo to the blind and visually impaired community by identifying Head Instructors and their Dojos interested in working with the blind & visually impaired.

2. Provide professional development activities, information and educational resources for Coaches on how to work with visually impaired students.

3. Educate Foundations, Organizations, Societies, Federations and Blind & Visually Impaired networks about the physical, psychological, emotional and productive benefits of Judo.

4. Provide funding to deserving students for sustained training and memberships to USA Judo and USABA including an introduction to the US Paralympic Judo Team

5. Promote public / private information and general education on the benefits of Judo to the blind and visually impaired community.


(Information courtesy of The Blind Judo Foundation)


If you are interested and want to know more, visit http://www.blindjudofoundation.org/

Matthew Yung