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Description: Sports as a catalyst for personal development. Sports For Social Change Network uses sports as a tool to connect with both individuals and communities. It believes that sports can inspire people to find their life direction. Based in London, the organization builds partnership and coordination with other groups to speed up the ability of sports to facilitate social development.


Its Key Objectives:

  • To increase the amount and range of sporting opportunity in London
  • To ensure that local delivery of activity reflects local needs
  • To support local organizations and assist them to develop more sustainable ways of working and to increase local capacity
  • To ensure that sporting opportunity is multigenerational and available to all
  • To build up a robust evidence base demonstrating the power of sport as an instrument of social change

(Courtesy of http://sscnlondon.org.uk/)


If you are interested and want to know more, visit http://sscnlondon.org.uk/

Matthew Yung