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Description: Using baseball to bring communities together. Roberto’s Kids, founded in memory of the late Roberto Clemente, uses baseball to instill in kids the vital skills needed to be part of a community. The player must recognize and accept the consequences of the actions and decisions he undertakes (Character, Leadership, Integrity).  He must hold a caring attitude towards himself and others (Respect and Responsibility). He learns a strong sense of control and competence, and learns to recognize and accept individuality and cultural diversity (Sportsmanship). Furthermore, during the season, the players must give back to the community. His team participates in social and community activities designed to help him and his fellow teammates develop leadership, a sense of community, and social skills.

Mission: Roberto’s Kids aim to bridges the gap between different cultures through baseball

If you are interested and want to know more, please visit http://www.robertos-kids.org/

Andrew Homeming