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Description: Sailing and Kayaking to change children’s lives. Project Grael aims to help troubled youth readjust to society by teaching them useful skills. These children often come from broken homes and very poor backgrounds. Thus, Project Grael aims to give them a chance to achieve their potential and eventually give back to their community. The organization achieves this goal through a mixture of sailing, vocational training and lessons in the classroom.

Its Objectives: 

  • To offer young people the opportunity of education and socialisation through nautical experiences, such as sailing, rowing and canoeing, therefore contributing to promote these sports and to encourage their practice as well as creating conditions enabling the development of new competitors in these sports;
  • Promote environmental education, encourage young people to exercise citizenship, and divulge maritime culture;
  • Promote professional opportunities related to nautical activities, and train students in order to facilitate their access to those professions;
  • Integrate sports, education, health and public spirit;
  • Teach swimming as an essential part of any nautical activity as well as safety and first-aid techniques;
  • Support the leverage of sportive practice and the development of team spirit, leadership and solidarity.

Its Success: 

  • 30% of students have stayed with Project Grael and become sailing, classroom, and skill training teachers.
  • 20% went on to successfully find jobs, stay with them and escape that once seemingly inevitable Favela life.

(Information courtesy of Project Grael)

For more information please visit: http://www.projetograel.org.br/english/home.php

Matthew Yung