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Background: Yoga to allay trauma. Project Air implements unique yoga programs to help victims of genocide rape ease their trauma and mental health problems. The organization focuses on HIV and women and has been endorsed by the United Nations for its work (first ever formal endorsement given by UN to a yoga initiative). Currently, the program is being expanded into Eastern Congo. There, Project Air will provide medical facilities that perform life-saving fistula operations for rape survivors.


How it Started: It began with an idea by doctors and activists of WE-ACTx (NGO). They wanted to use yoga to provide help and care to women with HIV and their children. Deirdre Summerbell, a volunteer at the organization, was asked to conduct this experiment in Rwanda. Initially, Summerbell was skeptical. However, once she got to Rwanda and started helping the survivors of genocide rape, she realized the success of the idea. The participants smiled and seemed to regain life. Thus, Summerbell decided to start Project Air in 2004 to continue exclusively with this idea.


If you are interested and want to know more, visit http://www.project-air.org/

Derek Cheng