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Palestine MMA

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Description: Bring positive social development through Mixed Martial Arts. Palestine MMA targets youth in the Palestine Community. Around 60% of Palestinians below 24 suffer from unemployment, poverty, and a lack of community activities. They aim to use MMA to bring a positive influence to the community, and create opportunities for jobs. The program offers free classes, opportunities to be an athlete and a coach, educational programs, and scholarships for talented athletes.


How it began: Palestine MMA began in 2012. It was formed by a group of young Palestinians dedicated to bringing sports programs to all Palestine kids. They wanted all kids, regardless of background, race, or religion, to have the opportunity to play sports.


Its Values: The values that Palestine MMA hopes to instill are based off the Olympic Values and Ethos

  1. Sports for All – Sport Belongs to Everyone
  2. Education Through Sport – Developing Body, Will and Mind
  3. Peace Through Sport – Forging Friendship Amongst Athletes
  4. Women and Sport – Promoting Women’s Participation
  5. Sport and Environment – Preserving Precious Resources


Its Goals:

  1. Help develop the popularity of MMA in Palestine
  2. Establish a bond with the community that encourages participation at all ages and levels
  3. Teach the local community to capably manage, and improve a world class sports program
  4. Contribute to tackling social issues in the Palestine community including Health, Education, Women’s Empowerment, Economic Empowerment, and Social Integration


If you are interested and want to know more, visit: http://palestinemma.org/

Matthew Yung