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Description: Gainline Africa, an NGO based in Canada aims to use rugby to unify different races and tribes in Africa, where brutal civil wars had caused thousands dead and many more becoming homeless, an orphan or a sex slave. The organization promotes their program in schools in Gulu District, Uganda, East Africa, where civil wars have finally ended. It tries to bring all different and long confronting youths of different tribes in the area to play rugby, unite them, and teach them valuable life skills, and health and disease prevention issues.

Its Mission

  • Raise awareness of international issues affecting rugby communities.
  • Inspire leaders to build and sustain healthy communities.
  • Improve lives and empower youth through rugby.

Gainline Africa addresses a variety of critical development areas, such as:

  • EDUCATION & YOUTH DEVELOPMENT (Gainline Africa’s programs foster the physical, cognitive and social development of youth, teaching them valuable life skills through role models in their community)
  • HEALTH PROMOTION & DISEASE PREVENTION (The structure of Gainline Africa’s programs effectively, and non intrusively, educates youth and their families about relevant health and disease prevention issues. (i.e HIV and AIDS, malaria, sanitation, immunization)
  • COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT, LEADERSHIP & PARTICIPATION (In order to create sustainable change and a lasting impact, Gainline Africa looks to build the capacity of rugby communities, not replace it. It works in partnership with local organizations and community leaders to build infrastructure through local engagement and leadership. Its programs are designed with the careful consideration and active participation of each community it works with.
  • CONFLICT RESOLUTION & PEACE BUILDING (Its rugby programs assist in teaching conflict resolution and peace building skills to youth exposed to war and violence. Regular participation in physical activities influenced by positive leaders and cooperative teammates facilitates healing and re-bonding of communities and reintegration of those affected by war.

(Information courtesy of Gainline Africa)

If you are interested and want to know more, visit http://www.gainlineafrica.org/