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Description: How can you fight for peace? Isn’t physical violence the antithesis of peace? However at Fight For Peace, the organization believes that boxing and martial arts can be used to inspire children’s personal development. Its methodology is based on the program’s five pillars, which are the fundamentals of everything they do at Fight For Peace. Also, Fight for Peace has a theory of change, which believes that concrete changes in a young person’s behaviour, activity or situation, are dependent on changes in their perspective, their perception of themselves and of others, their motivation, and how they make decisions.

Its Values:

1. Embracing

We’re not judgmental, we’re respectful, and we believe in a society without exclusion. Everyone is welcome at Fight for Peace.

2. Champion

We exist to win the struggle in all that we do, and we go into our battles with great pragmatism and preparedness.

3. Solidarity

We always work with a sense of unity and family between our team, our communities and the young people we work with.

4. Inspiring

We constantly seek to realize potential. We exist to develop our young people, our athletes and our staff and to move forward together.

5. Fearless

We will work anywhere where there’s a need, and we’re unapologetic about what we do

Its Five Pillars:

1. Boxing & Martial Arts

2. Education

3. Employability

4.Youth Support Services

5. Youth Leadership

(Information courtesy of Fight For Peace)

If you are interested and want to know more, visit http://www.fightforpeace.net/