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Description: Boxing for change. Fight 4 Change is a registered charity that uses the sport of boxing in inner cities in the United Kingdom to help socially excluded individuals. The groups deliver a range of personal and social development initiatives that can inspire, motivate and support young people in their life choices. The coaches that run the project not only deliver projects that engage young people in the sport of boxing, but also act as role models and mentors for young people.

How It Started: Fight 4 Change was founded in 2009 by former WBC Super Middleweight Champion, GB Olympic coach and TV commentator Richie Woodhal.

Its Aims:

  • Engage young people in positive activities at key times.
  • Use the coach / participant relationship to provide positive role models and motivation.
  • Deliver personal and social development projects with boxing as a pathway.
  • Provide education and training programs as pathways into coaching and mainstream education.
  • Promote volunteering and citizenship with a club and community environment.
  • Offer pathways into mainstream clubs and the competitive boxing network.

(Information courtesy of Fight 4 Change)

If you are interested and want to know more, visit http://fight4change.org.uk/

Derek Cheng