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Background: Helping juvenile offenders through soccer. Drakenstein Hope Academy, the first football prison academy in South Africa, helps juvenile players avoid gangs and receive an education while in prison. The academy uses football to bring hope to juvenile offenders around the Western Cape. All players taking part in the program must follow the Academy’s rule of conduct:  The player must have no affiliation with gangs and must be receiving an education. The program offers a unique experience to the participants as all the players are transferred and housed together in one cell during the season.


Its Success: While the re-offending rate of prisoners in South Africa is 85%, the re-offending rate of Hope Academy participants is just 20%. Also, the program has brought hope and confidence to the players. Many have re-entered society, where they either go back to school, or find employment.


Its Partners: Along with the Drakenstein Hope Academy, the Drakenstien municipality started the Syakula Sports Academy. This academy has the same mission as the Drakenstien Hope Academy, but  achieves its goal through cricket, basketball, and rugby.


If you are interested and want to know more, visit http://www.aishopeacademy.org/

Matthew Yung