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Developing Minds Foundation (Magueira, Brazil) | Yungpost



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Description: Football to fight favela. Developing Minds Foundation is sponsoring a sports academy for 200 children who live in Rio de Janeiro’s impoverished Mangueira favela (urban slum). As part of the project, former professional soccer players from Brazil’s major league coach the forgotten and poverty-stricken kids of Mangueira. Lesson that coaches teach include helping coordinate, train, guide, mentor and inspire the children on the soccer field. The organization concentrates on the mental, social and emotional evolution of the child. More specifically, it aims to help kids learn to follow rules within an organizational environment, respect the direction and decision of legitimate authority figures (coaches and referees, in this instance), develop leadership skills, understand how to work with others, and manage impulses such as anger and frustration.

Its success: Its children from several soccer teams compete against clubs from Rio’s more affluent neighborhoods such as Ipanema. Both sets of kids typically recognize that they have much more in common than they do in differences.


If you are interested and want to know more, visit: http://www.developingmindsfoundation.org/mangueira-favela.php

Matt Souza