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Description: Education with Sports. Colombianitos uses this combination to inspire Colombian kids to attend school and play sports. To achieve the pleasures of playing sports, participants must meet a minimum academic requirement set by the organization. Through these athletic activities, Colombianitos seeks to instill in kids life-long values such as respect, positive attitudes, honesty, friendship, and fair play.


How it began: Started in 2001, a group of Columbians in Atlanta, Georgia (USA) feared about the future of kids back in Columbia. The kids are both the future of the country, and the most vulnerable to negative influences. Thus, the group started Colombianitos to prepare children to positively impact Colombian society in the future. To achieve this, the group combined education and sports to help children learn life long social skills.


Its Success: Up to date, this group has directly helped 3,474 children (15,000 indirectly affected). It sent a team to compete in the “Football for Hope” festival in 2010 (Africa).


Latest Information: Colombianitos is currently helping 7 impoverished and warfare-ridden communities.


If you are interested and want to know more, visit: http://www.colombianitos.org/

Derek Cheng