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Description: The Chika Chukwumerije Sports Foundation uses Taekwondo to help youth (age 8-20) in West Africa become equipped with practical knowledge, experience, and life-altering inspiration. It hopes that these 3 aspects will produce athletes that become global citizens dedicated towards helping their community. Furthermore, the foundation hopes to produce educated sporting champions on the global stage. It understands the economical challenges facing young Africans hoping to become professional athletes and tries to tackle these challenges by allowing young athletes to pursue their athletic aspirations while receiving an education.

How it started: The organization was founded by Chika Chukwumerije, a 3 time Taekwondo Olympic Champion.

Its Objectives:

Long-term objectives (over 6 years: 2018 – 2038)

  • To have an established and sustainable athlete development program that will consistently produce educated champions who would also serve as great ambassadors for the country during top elite international tournaments
  • To realize the potential of a largely unexplored segment of the sporting industry and thereby create more opportunities for jobs in the long term
  • To foster and confirm Nigeria’s dominance of Taekwondo sport in Africa, and extend this excellence to the world stage (with special focus on the Olympic Games)

Short-term objectives (1 – 6 years: 2012 – 2018)

  • To inspire young taekwondo athletes, who are often frustrated by the difficult conditions in Nigeria, and imbue them with overwhelming self-confidence; To expose young Nigerian taekwondo athletes to current taekwondo techniques, tactics and technologies in order to put them on par with their counterparts on the global stage; To support and encourage the formal education of young athletes;
  • To help young athletes properly manage the difficult task of balancing their sporting careers with their formal education; Increase the Gold medal tally of Nigerian National teams to All African Games; and regularly produce World Champions and Olympians; Increase the popularity of Taekwondo as a sport.
  • Establish a National Taekwondo Training Academy

(Information courtesy of Chika Chukwumerije Sports Foundation)

If you are interested and want to know more, visit http://ccsf-ng.org/

Andrew Homeming