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Description: The Blind Stokers Club, located in San Diego California, is a non-profit organization that helps blind people, who are prevented from piloting their own bikes, experience the joy of cycling. The group encourages setting and attaining goals, mentoring, teamwork and fundraising, as well as the joy and freedom of bicycling and the adventure of traveling with a group.

Its Impact: Since 2005, BSC members have pedaled over 100,000 member miles. Over 120 members of 60 tandem teams have completed the 3-day 200 mile Cycling for Sight (CFS) tour, and eight members completed the 7-day 620 mile CAF Million Dollar Challenge (MDC) Tour.

How it works: Tandeming is a team sport and requires 2 teammates (stoker and captain) to be matched in size and personality. Each stoker in the program is matched with a captain and tandem, with the intent that all 3 participate together as a team, during training rides and events throughout the year. Each captain will serve as a cycling mentor and coach for his/her stoker teammate. Captains and stokers have responsibilities for maintaining communication with their partners and club-mates, and for ensuring that the 3 essential components are prepared for rides.

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Derek Cheng

If you are interested and want to know more, visit http://www.blindstokersclub.org