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Description: Building the next generation of female African Leaders through sports. Ball For All, founded by Peace Corps volunteers, seeks to empower African Youth through school and sports. To support the children, the organization has started basketball and soccer teams, trained coaches to work with the players, organized matches, and provided sports equipment.


How it started: It started with 2 Peace Corps volunteers working in small African villages. The 2 volunteers, Brad and Jenny Kremer, saw how soccer brought joy to the children. Realizing the poverty the children were suffering from, along with development money being wasted, the two decided to start Ball for All to help the children directly.


Its Impact:

2005: Sponsored 4 Teams in Toubacouta, including the first girls’ team in the region.

2006: Sponsored large scale regional tournament with 13 girls’ teams and 13 boys’ teams with a total of 400 participants. Funded two school kitchens under the World Food Program.

2007: Sponsored regional tournament: 18 girls’ teams. 18 boys’ teams with over 600 participants. Provided scholarships to 146 participants that successfully completed their middle school entrance exams.

2008: Sponsored regional tournament: 24 girls teams; 24 boys teams with over 700 participants. Provided 275 scholarships.

(Information from http://ballforall.org/)


If you are interested and want to know more, visit http://ballforall.org/

Matthew Yung