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Description: ‘AMANDLA’ means ‘Power’ in Xhosa and Zulu (2 popular languages in South Africa) and ‘EduFootball’ represents a mix of education and football. The aim of AMANDLA (EduFootball) is to empower the youth of South Africa through both education and football to tackle social inequality in Africa. Furthermore, the moral values underpinning the organization’s programs strengthens the importance of universal values often lacking in destabilized and non-existent family structures.

How it started: AMANDLA started with a dream. Two local volunteers in Cape Town, South Africa, Florian Zech and Leonora Reid, wanted local kids to have the opportunity to participate in education through sport programs. The two felt that kids lacked after school activities, and were thus vulnerable to the risk of joining gangs, committing crimes, and teenage pregnancy. Thus, they formed AMANDLA in 2006 to provide children with soccer matches and life-skill activities after school.

If you are interested and want to know more, visit http://www.edufootball.org/

Matthew Yung