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Description: Using soccer and education to alleviate poverty, to teach about AIDS/HIV, and to allay trauma in East Africa. AKWOS, which started in Rwanda, has focused on helping Rwandan women ease the trauma from the Rwandan genocide.

Its Mission:

  • To promote Women’s sports in Rwanda and in the Region;
  • To raise Women’s awareness of sports activities;
  • To assist Rwandan Women in the promotion of their rights;
  • To assist Rwandan women in the creation of a forum for integration and Reconciliation through sports;
  • To promote awareness and education among Rwandan Women about HIV/AIDS, Unity and Reconciliation, Women Rights, Gender-Based Violence, Peace and Security, Social and Economic Rights ;
  • To provide a meeting ground inclusive of women from different classes, Educational and Ethnic backgrounds;
  • To use sports as a tool to heal the trauma caused by the 1994 Rwanda Genocide;
  • To monitor and evaluate Women project activities.

Its Objectives:

  • Promote women’s soccer in Rwanda and in the region.
  • Draw the women’s attention to sport activities
  • Assist Rwandan women promote their rights and self-confidence
  • Promote awareness among Rwandan women about the dangers of the HIV/AIDS Pandemic
  • Create through women’s sports a forum for integration and reconciliation
  • Provide a meeting point between the elite and uneducated women for exchange of ideas

(Information courtesy of AKOWS)

For more information please visit: http://www.akwos.info/

Matthew Yung